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Club Activities

Many of our Club’s Activities involve raising money which is then used to support both Local and Overseas Organisations.  Our Fund raising activities also contribute to Fellowship within our Club. and partners and families participate in these activities.

It seems that increasingly, our activities have involved food and drink – we’re becoming catering whizzes.

Some of our recent activities include

  • Taste of Tasmania – Our Wine and Oyster Bars  are now a part of our History
  • Government House Hobart – Open Day Catering
  • Seafarer’s Festival Bellerive: Wine and Oysters and Hamburgers
  • Wooden Boat Festival: Drinks and Eats
  • Clarence Boardwalk Jazzfest: Wine,Oysters Snags and Hamburgers
  • Spring tulip Festival in Hobart’s Botanical Gardens
  • Shopping Centre BBQ’s – particularly K&D, Cambridge Park