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 Rotuma Park Playground    Carella Street,  Tranmere

The Clarence City Council has developed the concept of creating Neighbourhood Parks in many residential areas and Regional Parks with an increased number of facilities including, perhaps, barbecues and toilets in other areas.

Neighbourhood parks typically have children’s play equipment, seats, landscaped surroundings and perhaps a rotunda.
Residents in Park

In February 2007 Clarence City Council were keen to have the local community involved in planning a neighbourhood park on land they had at 47 Carella St in the midst of a recently developed residential area.

They approached Rotary Club of Howrah Club to develop links with residents in the area to help ensure there was local ownership of the Park.

Two meetings of local residents were held and they were able to have their ideas incorporated in the final Council design of the project.


The Clarence Council provided some trees to plant and here Phil from the Council explains the features of this plant to a helper


Phil plant

Following the circulation of a questioneer amongst the Community, the park was named Rotuma Park after a vessel which was wrecked in the area in the early 1900’s.

Thomas and James who live nearby were so pleased about the Park that they drew some pictures showing themselves using the swings.