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Walkway sign

The Tranmere Foreshore Trail

The Clarence City Council is developing a foreshore trail which presently runs from Geilston Bay to Tranmere.

 The Rotary Club of Howrah  accepted the Clarence City Council’s offer to coordinate the re-construction of the Tranmere Foreshore section of the walkway.

Howrah Rotary Club worked with local residents to complete the first stage. Council is now completing the project.

The area to be redeveloped started at Tranmere Rd in a section where the Howrah Rotary Club developed a walkway some years ago. The initial path existed along the foreshore however but it was narrow and while it is formed with a gravel surface, it was very irregular. Some sections were unformed so it was a challenge for younger cyclists and families with a pram


Plants growing alongside the track needed to be cleared.

Weeds such as coprosm, boxthorn, gorse and cape wattle were removed and replaced with native grasses, sedges and ground-covers. She-oakes and white gums were retained where possible and some new white gums will be planted. Residents will be consulted about such decisions. Lower branches were removed to ensure the views were not interrupted.


Northern end of track

The Rotary Club of Howrah has placed seats along this section with local residents contributing to the cost as a memorial to family members. Interested? You can add a plaque to some of the seats that have not been reserved. Contact us.