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The Vanessa G –
– the project completed – a great partnership.

The dinghy was on show during the 2019 My State Wooden Boat Festival.  It was named by Hon Will Hodgman MP, Premier of Tasmania,   at the Festival opening on Parliament House lawns on 8 February.

On Sunday 10 February it was sold at  auction.

This slide show illustrates some of the steps in the restoration .  Initial inspections  were completed at one of our member’s home but  for much of  its restoration  time the dinghy was at  Risdon Prison.  Our sea trial  took place on the Derwent River at   at Kangaroo Bay 


All damaged timber has been removed and the boat relocated to Risdon Prison where the rebuilding took place.



We were excited about this project in which we are partnering with the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (AWBF)and the Department of Justice (Risdon Prison). Prisoners helped to rebuild a donated wooden boat that was  named in honour of past member Dr Vanessa Goodwin. The boat was auctioned at the AWBF and the profit will be put to rehabilitation programs to which Vanessa was strongly committed.

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Tim Oxley and David Harrison examine the donated boat at Cradoc.

Obtaining the donated dinghy was the first step in a collaboration between the Australian Wooden Boat Festival , the Department of Justice and the Rotary Club of Howrah.

It was transported to the prison at Risdon and  inmates were trained in the skills required to return the craft to its former glory.

As well as providing opportunities for rehabilitation and future employment for prisoners, the boat was displayed and auctioned at the  Australian Wooden Boat Festival on 10 February 2019, and the proceeds will then provide the next maritime project for this new partnership.

And the boat’s name -? The Vanessa G.

The late Attorney-General, Vanessa Goodwin, was a past president of the Rotary Club of Howrah.

The late Dr Vanessa Goodwin

Have a listen to Tim and Glen explain their plan and to find out how you can help.

Listen here

(Source ABC Hobart)

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The team – back row David Harrison, Tim Oxley, Noel Richardson, Glen Woolley

Thanks to our sponsors

My State Bank Australian Wooden Boat Festival Committee
Sustainable Timber Tasmania (STTAS)  
Department of Justice – Risdon Prison 
Brierley Hose and Handling – Derwent Park
Fiberglass Shop –  Hobart
Wooden Boat Centre Tasmania –  Franklin 
Graham Rankin, Cradoc
Noel Richardson, Cambridge
Mike Johnson, New Town
The Family of the late Vanessa Goodwin
Robert Archer and Family