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We held two Dronefests,  in Lauderdale in 2016 and at Rosny in March 2018

Their purpose was to highlight the way drone technology was becoming widespread and opening outstanding opportunities.  We accomplished that so another Dronefest is not required.



 Thanks to all who supported us  particularly our exhibitors,  and media promoters.

This is how Mike from RC Toys saw  Rotary Dronefest 2018


The main target audience was :

  • Commercial and government operators of drones, plus businesses/government bodies that are potential users of drone technology.
  • Private individuals, especially young people (15-25 yrs), with an interest in both the application of scientific innovations in the operation of drones, and the additional scientific innovations applied in surveillance, etc from the drone; ie using drones as a flying platform.
  • Educators with an interest in stimulating young people to pursue studies and careers in  STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) area. In this case we are emphasizing aspects applied in the operation of drones in robotics,  remote sensing and monitoring operations as used by quadcopters (drones) .
  • Young people and families interested in a fun and educational outing.
  • Hobbyists who operate, or are likely to use, recreational quadcopters .


Our exhibitors

Hydro Tasmania ,   University of Tasmania (TerraLuma group), Open-2-View, Australian Geographic,  Yuneec Drones, Drone Vision, Remote Aviation Australia, Helicopter Resources, Taz Drone Solutions, RCToys, Spacial Analytics



Dronefest Project Aims

Enhance the  many exciting applications of drone technology in areas such as mapping, surveillance and monitoring, and the ability of this technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs and manage disasters

Rosny College  on   Hobart’s eastern shore was the venue on  3 March 2018.   Flying was in Charles Hand Park.



Look at  Dronefest 2016 …….


Thanks to our sponsors