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Dronefest 2018  – Rosny College   3 March 2018



Newsletter 18 January 2018  – Newsletter 18 January 2018

The main target audience will be:

  • Commercial and government operators of drones, plus businesses/government bodies that are potential users of drone technology.
  • Private individuals, especially young people (15-25 yrs), with an interest in both the application of scientific innovations in the operation of drones, and the additional scientific innovations applied in surveillance, etc from the drone; ie using drones as a flying platform.
  • Educators with an interest in stimulating young people to pursue studies and careers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) area. In this case we are emphasizing aspects applied in the operation of drones in robotics,  remote sensing and monitoring operations as used by quadcopters (drones) .
  • Young people and families interested in a fun and educational outing.
  • Hobbyists who operate, or are likely to, recreational quadcopters .

Register your interest in exhibiting at  Dronefest 2018

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Email to      dronefest@howrahrotary.org.au

Some our exhibitors

TerraLuma research project at the University of Tasmania aims to develop novel tools and algorithms for environmental remote sensing applications.
They have worked on a range of applications, including precision agriculture and viticulture; mapping and monitoring vegetation in remote locations such as Antarctica; deriving 3D tree structure for forest inventories.


DroneAg is a CASA approved operator of unmanned aircraft specialising in the precision agriculture sector. Our aircraft can fly a variety of sensors which can be used to help assists farmers and agricultural consultants in improving or aiding their farm management decisions in a timely and cost effective manner.
Their unique ability to design and build from the ground up aircraft which harmoniously match the needs and economic pressures of modern precision farming and the quality of data collected by the drones is one of their core strengths.

Exhibitors  as at January 2018   

Hydro Tasmania , Telstra,  University of Tasmania (TerraLuma group), Open-2-View, Australian Geographic, DroneAg, Ignite Digi, Yuneec Drones, Remote Aviation Australia, Helicopter Resources, Taz Drone Solutions

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Dronefest Project aims

Enhance the  many exciting applications of drone technology in areas such as mapping, surveillance and monitoring, and the ability of this technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs and manage disasters

Rosny College  on   Hobart’s eastern shore will be the venue in  3 March 2018.  There will be static displays, inside activities, and  a continuous parade of unmanned aerial vehicles  over Charles Hand  Park adjacent to the College.

Dronefest 2016

Entry will be free.

A Rotary Tasmania event staged by the Rotary Clubs of Howrah and Bellerive.

Enquiries Bob Hardy   0418 138 660


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