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Our Club’s Area

Howrah is a residential suburb of Hobart, the capital city of the island of Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state.

Howrah is on the Eastern Shore of the Derwent River a 15 minute drive from Hobart City via the Tasman Bridge. Our area stretches from the suburbs, including rural residential areas to prestine coastal strips, the ideal location for a peaceful relaxed lifestyle only 10-30 minutes from the city.

While mostly residential, it includes shopping complexes, farming (pastoral, vegetable growing, vineyards and apricot orchards), oyster farms and includes Hobart’s airport.

Residents in Howrah have the best view of Hobart with 1500 metre high Mt Wellington towering above it.

Often in winter it has a snow covered summit.

Ralphs Bay and Rokeby from Mt Mather.  The Police Academy is on the right hand side of this picture.

mt mather

Ralphs Bay and Rokeby from Mt Mather. The Police Academy is on the right hand side of this picture.

We are fortunate in that Howrah’s District includes a wide variety of recreational areas. There is the usual variety of football ovals, bowling greens and public tennis courts.

In addition there are five golf courses in close proximity in the Cambridge – Seven Mile Beach area.

Hobart’s closest surf beach at Clifton Beach is close handy.

The Blunstone Arena is Tasmania’s top cricket venue and is used by AFL club North Melbourne for two games each year.

There are areas popular for fishing, wind surfing and water skiing.