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Our charter members are shown below. One is  still a current member of the Club.

Peter Calvert

Graeme Farrell

Noel Jacobs

Alan Morriss

Peter Allan

David Armitage

George Bales

Roger Calvert

George Casimaty

John Gould

Phil Keane

Ian Lawless

Trevor Leo

Ian McFarlane

Eric Meagher

Rod Menzies

Terry Morrisby

Henry Nogajski

Chris Oakman

Garry Powell

David Secombe

Derek Steele

Don Sullivan

Tony Stacey

Pat Triffett

The Rotary Club of Howrah had its first meeting on February 10th, 1976, Officers were appointed on March 28th,

Charter received on May 10th, Charter Night held on June 5th 1976.